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How has Patrick Hughes been affected by self-isolation during the coronavirus?

Patrick Hughes Perfect Present Rainbow

Self-Iisolation is normal for artists and writers, I have had to come to terms with being just me with my thoughts and actions during the day for thirty years in Yorkshire and London and Cornwall and New York, I have sometimes screamed out in the studio with the pain of being alone, you feel better when you have got it out.

Artists are practical people, making grounds, mixing colours, waiting for paint to dry - it must be hell for writers with those blank pages, but they do count the words and aim for the day’s total.

Then I began to have assistants to help me, and I have had them now for thirty years, so this new isolation takes me back to the old days when I was on my own. I have always been married, had children, so there has been social life looming at home.

The loneliness is mitigated by living above or below the studio, which I have usually done.  On your own, with your sketchbook, wondering what to do, is frustrating until that eureka moment when you think of a good idea - or so it seems at the time.

Back to the drawing-board, Patrick Hughes 15th April 2020                       

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