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FAKE is a Dutch street artist, born on May 15th 1980, Amsterdam. The later half of his life has been devoted to graffiti and street art. Growing up in the city, Fake felt the urge to put a smile on people’s faces through irony and humour as they walked the urban jungle. After discovering the power of stencils, he was hooked.

FAKE’s work can be seen all over the world, in places such as Holland, Norway, Denmark, Spain, France, Portugal, UK, USA and even Iran.

Apart from being a perfectionist, FAKE’s signature style is that of storytelling. Stencils give him the power to use any image on any desired background and give it a humorous or ironic twist. One of his most iconic works, Fake love, tells the story of how love can hurt. Seeing people around him being heartbroken, inspired him to make this artwork. This piece has often been confused to be that of Banksy.