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Anish Kapoor "Untitled" (Red) from 12 Etchings

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Anish Kapoor "Untitled" (Red) from 12 Etchings. Colour etching on Somerset paper. Produced in 2007, Paragon Press, London. Edition of 40.
Signed by Anish Kapoor' lower right and editioned on the reverse.
SIZE:  76.8 x 90 cm
Kapoor’s use of pigment in his early sculptures distorts the contours of the shapes he is creating. From deep crimson to cobalt blue, his intense and velvety colours appear to suck up the light around them. Kapoor first began using powdered pigment in his sculptures in 1979, a clear reference to the ritual performances of the Holi Festival in his native India. The earliest examples consisted of formal groupings of chalk and colour. By the time he made The Chant of Blue, in 1983, Kapoor was layering the pigment onto polystyrene or fibreglass shapes that looked like strange mineral or plant forms. They were otherworldly, like meteorites or specimens brought back from some distant world, and so alien that they seemed symbolic of a great mystery.

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