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David Hockney "White Lines Dancing in Printing Ink"

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David Hockney "White Lines Dancing in Printing Ink" 1990.
Lithograph in colours, on Arches paper. Edition of 35.
Signed and numbered by David Hockney

Size:  74.1 × 99.8 cm

“The abstracted, curvilinear patterning of White Lines Dancing in Printing Ink is reminiscent of the patterning Hockney used in many of pool paintings and prints of the 1960s to suggest the movement of water. In Picture of a Hollywood Swimming Pool 1965, Hockney rejects conventional perspective and depicts the watery surface of the pool as a plane of intertwining loops, not unlike the flattened, swirling effect created by the lines in White Lines Dancing... Hockney has explained that his method of depicting water in this period was influenced by ‘the later abstract paintings of Jean Dubuffet and Bernard Cohen’s spaghetti pictures.” The Tate

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